Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey all, Sorry for the long hiatus without any warning, but I went back into the hospital again... yes it has become very annoying to me as well!! But with this being October,
 And halloween being around the corner I have made a few fabulous costumes. I love halloween because it's another excuse to dress up and 
I Love dressing up, it is the best!! 

Sometimes I wish I was little again to just wear whatever I want, haha, 
then I realize I live in San Francisco and I can anyway. 

For a friend's 'P' Party where you could only come as something starting with the letter P, I went as Polly Pocket, my favorite childhood toy. I always thought Polly Pocket was the most genius toy, until kids started eating them, and then they got larger... and their homes wouldn't fit in your parents pockets anymore... 

But anyway here is how that came out... 

I ended up being Polly Pocket with my heart house that I carried around, my 
only regret was not using enough duck tape with the San Fran wind... 
haha, but I really enjoyed being Polly 

I have already started on my halloween costume... Here is a sneak peak!! 

 I am going to be disco ball, I am really excited!! And if you would like to make this
 marvelous helmet, here is where I got the instructions. The sun really makes for a great spot light for all the little mirrors on the helmet to really show off it's disco ball abilities!!  

But besides all the fun costume creations, I have a bunch of ceramics in the mix; The great dane, Bull Terrier Tea Pot and another pig. However, I have been searching for inspiration, or that urge to make some art, like the fire under my butt that makes me crazy and I can barely get my hands to move fast enough to create something new. 

well my dad sent me the link to Colossal which always has great new art to be inspired by, so I perused through... I absolutely love These Morgan Herrin Sculptures that are made of 2x4 pine wood, are extremely intriguing and makes me want to do more 3D work, because the possibilities seem endless! 

Untitled (2008) made out of Pine 2x4's

Untitled (2010-2011), made out of Pine 2x4's

Happy Wednesday!!! 

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