Saturday, November 9, 2013

Disco Ball, Despite a Slight Bump

I always have been very skeptical when I am super excited for something, because usually it ends up not happening. But that doesn't stop be from thinking about it… it's what gets me going 

For instance, I was sooooo excited for Halloween, I thought about my costume at least a month before if not more. I dreamed about twirling (Hey Twirling Clare) about as a Disco Ball, shinning bright for the whole world to see (aka the dance floor at a bar or house party). Nevertheless the week before I started having fevers and so I went down to Stanford for a CF appointment that I had made because of the fevers, more productive cough, and fatigue. 

I was then admitted, I was going to spend one of my favorite holidays in the hospital, just like last year I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. The funny thing is, 
is that last year I was also super excited for Thanksgiving, because everyone
 was going to be home, so I could not wait to reminisce with friends, gossip, 
and be social the night before Thanksgiving. Seeing as I was still home
 with my parents dying of the post grad reality of real life. 

But with both of these instances I had to make the best of it, cause other wise you will go insane, and I have to say that now that I have experienced Halloween in the hospital I would like to go back for it (just to visit, not to stay), it felt almost like Hogwarts to me because some people were all dressed up like a regular nurse in scrubs, but then would have peacock feathers on or pirates hat, as if they were some kind of magical being that was just working in the hospital. And there was actually someone walking around in a full super man costume…. seriously saving lives. 

I ended up having a number of visitors which made the day wonderful, any time you have any visitor in the hospital, it helps. They brought my costume so I was able to light up Stanford Hospital, or at least my room and part of the court yard... 

Now I am now well, post sinus surgery, and IV antibotics and I am ready to get back into the swing of things. However this time I truly hope that I will be able to stay well for the next holiday and all the art and life events in between. 

Much Love

Love this song, really pumps me up... Enjoy! 



  1. Hi there Maddie! Nice to "meet" you. :) I have added your blog to the CF Blogroll! And that is an AWESOME costume, by the way! I had a couple of years where I spent almost every holiday in the hospital - the staff started joking that they could predict when I was going to come in by looking at the major holidays! I think Halloween was actually my favorite to spend there because it was so fun to see the staff all dressed up. Glad you're on the mend now!

  2. Hey Cindy! Thank you for adding me!! Sorry it took me forever to respond, I have been away from this awhile, however back now!! But yes it was so great to see people dressed up in the hospital! real heroes!! I hope you are well!!