Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Colors are Following Me!

This past weekend I went with my mom to the Armory Art Show and I found a few pieces I loved but also I felt like I was being followed by my 2D class from my freshman year of college, the color aid paper was chasing me. When I took the class the head of the art department would joke with us that we would never forget our 2D class and he has been completely right so far. Nevertheless it wasn't to long ago that I took the class… so only time will tell I guess. 

While viewing all the colorful square and triangle pieces, I think back to when I spent hours upon hours with an exacto knife and rubber cement and how many brain cells I may have lost inhaling it all first semester… I ended up digging some of my old color studies, or at least the ones I could find. After I viewed them, I like to believe I have improved in my own art world, I have found a way to enhance my messiness in good ways… with my own touch of the oil pastel rather then leaving remains of the rubber cement. 

Below are pieces from the Armory Show as well as my own pieces. 

Spencer Finch Color Test

Barry McGee Untitled (geometric) 2006 

Simon Evans The Eye, Part of a diptych


And below are some piece I found among my old work from my 2D class.

This was a series of 4, however the other two are settled in 
another pile of art somewhere

This was my favorite piece from the class, but over time the pieces seem 
to be coming off... I believe I may have gotten more rubber cement 
on my fingers then on the strips of color aid paper 

The Blue Red Cross piece


  1. BAHHHH maddie I remember this! It was so annoying! I am glad you dug your old pieces out…. I dare not look at mine, but I am surprised at how much I have come into contact with that damn color aid paper :) color theory still going on strong in the art world!

  2. hahaha yepp so much color theory out there for sure!!