Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crazy Amazing Reshaping Sculptures

I have always loved the human form, and I thoroughly enjoy depicting the human form with my drawing and paintings. I have been working away on a few pieces that the public aka the blog readers will soon see, as well as on my website! But Colossal posted about this artist who currently has a show in NYC and his work deals with classical sculptured heads, which usually might be boring and over done. Nevertheless Li Hongbo's work is absolutely amazing and intriguing because the sculpted portraits are made out of sheets of paper that stretch out like an 
accordion and then go back into their original form… which is 
absolutely insane if you ask me! 

Whenever I see amazing, jaw dropping art, or design elements it gets me motivated 
and makes me want to create something magical as well!! As I truck 
away at my daily routine I try to countdown the days until I can go in to the 
city and see these crazy items of art in person… In the mean 
time I am trying to create my own creations!! 

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