Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Here we Goooo!

I have finally felt accomplished and I am starting to feel better again (I believe), it literally is the most tiring and exhausting thing to do everything your suppose for months and months on end and still not be well. It goes against everything anyone has ever told me about doing what the doctors say, and it will work and you will get better… I was actually starting to debate whether they hadn't missed some huge issue in my lungs, lab work or sputum cultures. 

Nevertheless, gaining weight is one of the main issues so I have been downing food, left and right… haha lucky me you all might say… but just like trying to loose weight, gaining weight is tiring, it might sound absolutely ridiculous to you all, but when your body has such a hard time as mine has to gain weight and keep it on, I look at people and want to say "no I don't want an Ensure on the side of my meal, they taste gross!"  But finally the pounds are starting to come on slowly but surely (WHoooop WHoooop), with the egg nog diet I have been on since the holidays… keeping weight on is essential to keep my lungs HEALTHY and to breathe easy. 

 I have finished the sketchbook project book, which had to be postmarked by January 15th… when I talked about it before, it sounded like it was going to be easy. However, with the last minute decision to move home at the beginning of December from San Francisco really threw off everything and anything of my life that was in order. Considering, someone had to help me pack… aka I had no idea where things had be placed when unpacking on the other side. As well as being hospitalized pretty much the minute I got home didn't help in the beginning of the unpacking either. Everything was mayhem for a good while, things are finally starting to settle, and with all the drawing I had been doing to finish the sketch book my creative juices are flowing again... which is always exciting!!

Here are a few of the drawings out of the sketchbook I sent in yesterday, it contains drawings of friends, family and family dogs. It will be going on tour this summer with other sketchbooks around the northeast and it will also be on the digital sketchbook library.

Dad aka Paul

Kodah Bear 

Fi and Sarah


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