Monday, May 5, 2014

The Crazy World

Recently on the news there have been so many horrible, sad and depressing stories about school stabbings and other people going crazy across the board. Even one from my alma mater which I find so bizarre, strange and scary. But I feel like there has been a change, ever since I heard about Shaun White Surprising a high schooler at her senior prom, I believe things are starting to look up. Maybe that is because I love Shaun White and have a very biased opinion, nevertheless you can't deny how amazing it is that he completely surprised a fan at their senior Prom, I mean, COME ON!! 

But also on a more personal level I went to my Pulmonary doctor today, and my Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT's) are much better then the last time... and I am feeling fabulous. I was feeling great before going to the doctor, but having that encouragement from the PFT makes me realize I am feeling well, it isn't me being in denial or anything! Last year I was in denial, almost pretending that I was well when I wasn't. I didn't want to face the fact that I couldn't keep my self well and didn't want to keep going back to the hospital! But now since my PFT's a great, I can get back life with my regular treatments and hopefully running!!! 

The great strides walk in New Canaan is right around the corner, and with the walk we are hoping to raise a great deal of money for Cystic Fibrosis, to keep people like my self feeling well and out of the hospital. I was ecstatic with the news I received today at my appointment, but at the doctors office I also saw a handful of CFers that were on oxygen. One person was too tired to do a PFT, which is essentially breathing in as deep as you can and then breathing it all out with as much force as possible. Even at my weakest I have always been able to do it, not saying that all my PFT's have been great, but still my effort was there. It is a total wake up call to see people who are that sick, especially when you and them share the same disease. Of course you can tell your self to work extra hard to not get as sick as them, but actions are a lot harder to follow through with then just saying it. CF is  a horrible disease that no one can really fully understand if you haven't seen it first hand, And it dose have the ability to kick my ass... BUT NOT TODAY!! 

So Please in honor of Maddie Mockingbird's (Inspired by my dad's restaurant Tequila Mockingbird) and Cinco de Mayo, Please donate to our Great strides team, The Maddie Mockingbirds, if you haven't already!! 

The Beautiful Shaun White before his hair cut! 

Maddie Mockingbirds Last year in Ohio!! 

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