Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shaking off the Clutter!

I am finally back to my blog, after a long un-planned break, with the many wedding adventures I took this summer to starting real estate classes, my mind has been elsewhere. But with the fall beginning to start I have begun making more Fruit heads, which 20% of each purchase will be going to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!! I have gotten really pumped about some of the Fruit heads because I am using more intricate ribbons that are embroidered and fall specific knick knacks to make them more festive and exciting!! I have even incorporated some Swarovski Crystals to some of them to give them a shiny elegant edge.   

Also the studio my dad and I share is getting a clean out... as it was really just becoming a storage area, with zero room to do artwork! Which was really hurting my art production... but hopefully now with room to move around, my inspirations will begin flowing!  

New Fruit Heads 

The Cleaning has begun and is Already looking better!! 



Lastly love this song and it's message... shake it off. 
For the CF Stuff, Life Stress and "haters gonna hate" 

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