Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hospitalizations Happen, Life Goes On!

As many of you may know I have Cystic Fibrosis. This year I have been really cruising along compared to the horrible health I had in 2013; when I was in San Fran and had 6 hospitalizations in 8 months. Recently, I have been feeling great, being able to take trips, see friends, started real estate school and I am now studying for the test. I was able to do all of these things because my health has been my first priority. I still have had my bumps in the road here and there with oral antibiotics and increased airway clearance treatments. But I have been able to live my life and do my daily routine without the hospital. 

But as I kept talking about how great I had been since my last flu related hospitalization in May (And knocking on wood every time) I ended up jinxing my self. I ended up in the hospital this past weekend being very dehydrated, exhausted, coughing a ton and with a fever. Luckily it has been a while so it wasn't a complete pain, but I still wasn't feeling my best, actually far from it, so of course the tears did occur. But one thing my body does seem to do well (knock on wood) is bouncing back quickly. I have been on intensive IV antibiotics for the past 3 days and as of yesterday afternoon I felt like I could leave this joint (the hospital) and never come back. But obviously that won't be happening. I am awaiting test results to see what antibiotic I will be leaving here on and of course they are always very cautions of saying, "yes you will be able to go tomorrow" or whatever, since I have been promised that before and then not seeing it happen is probably the worst feeling.

But as I have been sitting here in the hospital for the past few days watching everything on Netflix. I have decided to try to seriously add a few more things to the list of my health todos to see if I could stay out of here for longer! 

1. To have a Half&Half and/or Heavy Cream Hot Chocolate every day in order to add the extra pounds the doctors have asked me to gain for the last year... and maybe with Christmas coming I will experiment with Eggnog

2. Try to go to the Salt Caves a few more times, perhaps going every other week or every week for a month or two. Considering there have been many studies on it that shows in addition to my regular CF treatments they can help. I did go to one in Ridgefield, CT back in september and have been meaning to go back ever since but haven't had the chance. 

3. Also remember to take all my extra meds as I like to call them. My enzymes (digest my food), inhaled meds, albuterol, insulin are what I consider to be my life or death meds (not to be too morbid, but I wouldn't be here without my enzymes for one). But obviously my vitamins are very important, as are my antacid meds, so I just need to work them into my day to day schedule so I don't become forgetful about them again! 

4. Lastly, remind my self how amazing it feels to exercise. How I love to run. Listen to music, and clear my mind while doing so! 

Because even though sometimes I really can't avoid a hospitalization. Even when I do everything I am suppose to, I can always try to the best and hope the rest falls into place! 

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday and that this ugly weather we are having on the East Coast isn't everywhere!! 

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