Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Own Theory of Health and Happiness

I recently saw the movie the Theory of Everything. One of the things that made me think why Stephan hawking has lived wayyy past the date that he first was told he would, was because he had a supportive and a loving family, I am not sure how much of the actual drama went on in real life, since it is a hollywood movie, but I know the struggle is real. But to have had kids, who he was able to see grow up, and experience the birth of new life and the joy and frustrations kids bring, is an amazing thing. And the other part was that he was and still is able to do what he loves to do despite what he has lost. 

I find this very real and relevant since I have found you can’t get better, while feeling sad or frustrated. It just doesn’t work that way. You must have the support and positive outlook, or at least a willingness to fight. My dad the other day in a kind of morbid, but realistic way, had seen me crying because I haven’t gotten back to my normal healthy self just yet, and gave it to me simply, “you either fight, or you give up and die,” and that is the truth. However morbid it might sounds, it is the truth for everyone whether they are sick or healthy. You either fight for what you want to do and go after something, or you just give in and disappear. Personally I agree to fight, I mean I have been doing it all my life, just now it’s a bit more intense, a few more treatments here and there, and forcing food is a necessity. 

A couple of weeks back I came upon this amazing human on social media named Caleigh, who is raising money for her double lung transplant through her Fight2Breathe campaign. She has an amazing positive outlook and really has uplifted me, since she is going through a whole other side to CF that I have never seen personally, and it is just amazing how she is doing it with her positive energy and fighting determination to stay strong for the transplant!! And her supportive loving family seems to right behind her, cheering her on through good and bad times. I also found her logo on her t-shirts and sweatshirts she is selling to be super cool, I bought one and put it on the minute it arrived. You should check her out on her Facebook and Instagram and donate to such a life changing cause, because breathing should be a thing that don't have to think about! 

But as I said the second part of why I think Stephan Hawking has lived so long, is he was and still is able to use his brain for equations and his genius thoughts, and that is the second piece to the puzzle as I have found, you must continue to pursue your dreams of careers or hobbies
because being always sick can get dull and boring as hell real quickly. For instance I am not just a girl with CF, I love to draw, dance, I love animals, I love houses, as well as window shopping for beautiful clothes, and I love to eat rice with red meat. But medical issues sometimes can blind you to what is also important to a person, health is obviously most important, but so is the happiness of living and enjoying life! 

The Fight2Breathe t-shirt logo, I think I might love it so much, cause I was born in 1990

One of my Oil Pastel drawings of my cousins dogs in the snow, I did it for Christmas and working on more currently. 

forget all the hate and confusion towards this video... I really love this song 
and the dancing is pretty great. 

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