Monday, September 7, 2015

Running For CF In USA and Abroad.

As many of you may know I have three amazing humans in my life that are running the New York marathon for Cystic Fibrosis, for the Boomer esiason foundation. They include my sister who lives in Colorado, I have told her training at altitude should be an advantage for her, granted I have never run 26.2 miles. So she will have to fill me in on how she fells after the marathon.  Secondly is my sisters friend Kirsten, a friend from growing up in NC, who is doing her fellowship to be an anesthesiologist at Columbia Presbyterian, which is actually my new hospital (I switched from Yale). She is looking forward to running around her new city and doing it for the best cause ever (I might be biased). Thirdly is my brother, who has always been an athletic nut, he is trying to help a sister out (haha not trying to sound like I'm from the hood, I swear) and get some money for cystic fibrosis, he has seen me cough my head off too many times I think. 

It makes me super touched when people tell me they hope I feel better soon and show that they  genuinely care and having serious concern for someone else besides themselves. Haha I don't mean for that to sound selfish, for my self, but when you can't go crazy on a regular basis like a "regular" 25 year old, it makes you feel human/"normal" to know people care and want to understand how it feels. So when people are willing to push their bodies to the complete limit, running 26.2 miles in one day, the longest these three humans have ever run. It's like whoa these humans are amazing, and so are everyone that can get behind them. Cause in the end it's not just for me, but as I may have said before their are about 70,000 plus people world wide and about 30,000 plus in the United States living with cystic fibrosis. I have begun connecting with many CFers online and found there are many people sicker then my self and some healthier, it's always comforting find people who go through the same thing as you, but sometimes it would be nice to not have it in common. Although, the positive is that the negative things that occur can build character and personal strength. However sometimes no matter what you do, you can't win, which is why more drugs like Orkambi and Kalydeco need to come out and the way to do that is through donation. Just think that I just started Orkambi at the age of 25 and the research for it began about 20 years ago. SO Please donate. and support CF and these fabulous NYC Runners. 



James and coopy posing for the photo

Not to forget about my dear friends from across the Pond in England, Olivia and Shane will be running the half marathon for CF. They are pretty amazing people, they mostly have live in England, but lived for a short time in both Mexico and outside of Boston. But they drove across country when I lived in San Francisco and although I had promised them a grand SF tour it turned out I was going to be in the hospital during their stay. Nevertheless they came to visit me walking from Bernal Heights to UCSF (they love to walk), daily while they were there! I'm sad I can't see them more, but with more research and donations to all countries, I have faith some more amazing drugs will be created so that I can travel at my leisure. So PLEASE help out Olivia in Shane, in England by donating for their half marathon. GOOD Luck on the 13 miles. Ps the half marathon is on the 20th of September!!



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