Friday, November 13, 2015

Rice Kripies are AWESOME

Rice Krispies are like gold to me when I'm hungry. Anyone who knows me or went to college with me can tell you, I can and will scarf down 3-4 bowls if there is time, enough cereal and if the milk is very cold. I have been told my taste buds are very sensitive to certain flavors that others might find bland, for instance rice Krispies and whole milk or Turkey and lettuce on a hard roll with nothing else on it. But when I'm sick, I don't have any appetite to eat any of the items listed above or anything for that matter. When I'm sick eating food seems like a massive chore that I do not want to part take in, and I seriously love food, especially cheese. 

Recently I got hit by a horrible cold, I was exhausted, coughing up a lung with this deep gross cough, which made me sound like a life long smoker. Along with the exhaustion came, sinus headaches and feeling achy/feverish. It was not a good time, but I went to my doctor and she put me on some IV antibiotics that seem to be working!! WHOOP WHOOP! As I'm beginning to feel better, and actually craving certain foods again, it so exciting, it's like each time I come back from being sick I forget why I loved food so much, oh yeah cause it's Fucking Delicious. 

I walked into Stop&Shop last night and thought I REALLY want Rice Krispies (despite already have life and organic cocoa krispies at home, I love cereal, it's fine)!! And yes it is sugar cereal, but it is delicious when eaten correctly!! haha. But yeah basically I'm super excited to be Happy and Hungry, because it is truly annoying to have everyone in the world tell you, "you need to eat," when you really don't feel like it and are afraid of vomiting it up again!! SO Yay for when antibiotics work, cause eating is awesome. 

p.s. I didn't just have Rice Krispies for Dinner, I also had pork tenderloin and a salad (believe it or not, I did have some greens) 

Happy Friday!! 

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