Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello World

Well here I am starting a blog... I hope to keep you all updated on my art work, as well as how I go about weaving my way through different kinds of art and life experiences. To begin my relationship with unknown humans in the cyber world, I would like to send you the link to my website to give you an idea of my past art work. The basis of all my work consists of three things, character, motion and color. 

1. There is always some kind of characture of the subject, whether it be a person, animal or item. I find everything to be living or have some goofiness or emotion that comes with it, because in the end it makes life more fun and interesting. 

2. whatever medium I work in, I work pretty fast so you can see my mark, it is very expressive style. I am not extremely detail oriented when it comes to art, so the motions and emotions of the pieces are very visible. 

3. I LOVE color, color is so amazing it gives life to objects, people and ART, although art can have a life and be extremely meaningful and goofy in Black and White. But color to is more appealing to my eye. 

Enjoy the Site!!

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