Monday, May 27, 2013

New Studio Space!!

Today is my first official day in my own studio space!! I officially have my own space where I can escape to and do my own work! Well at least this will be a 2D studio, which just feels so amazing. I guess I would have to say that at this point in time I now feel as though I am a real person. It has taken over a year since I graduated to feel accomplished or significant in comparison to all my friends with a desk or company jobs, but I am finally moving towards what I really want to do!! 

So on this gray memorial day here in San Fran I am enjoying the my new space!

Currently I am trying to create a New Haven themed drawing/painting for the front of pamphlet for a CF benefit that will be happening in New Haven in early June. I was so honored that asked me to do it, since they wanted it to be something that those who came wouldn't just throw out and created by a CFer (when I lived in Connecticut, I went to Yale for all my CF needs)... So I have been rearranging images on photoshop to brain storm and now I am working away on the drawing! Happy Memorial Day!!! 

Not much in the space yet.... ha but give me a few days... 

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