Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back To Reality

Today I am finally able to get back to working on art!! About two weeks ago I got really sick, which at first I thought I could kick with regular antibiotics... but that was not the case, I ended up being hospitalized... Booooo!! But sometimes it has to happen and it is always for the best when it comes to CF, but I hate putting life on hold, as do most people! But life is back up and running... I went back to my internship at Mignonne, I attended the first Yankees & A's (which was was a rough game, since I am a Yankees Fan and they lost) game the other night and I finished the drawing for the New Haven benefit. 

The drawing I did of New Haven for the CF Dinner... fairly abstract really only highlighting the New Haven Green, Little Italy (Wooster street), the hospital and of course the coast line! 

What I worked on today... I had previously started it in CT before moving out here... so I have had time to debate what to do with it!! 

I received canvas from my sister, she had kept from a bachelorette weekend, where they did Canvas and Cocktails... I ended up being the lucky one to receive all the unwanted canvases!! 

New blank canvases to work on... Ideas are brewing!! 

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