Thursday, June 27, 2013


Feeling revived or excited about the art that is going to be make is always important to me. I can't produce art unless it is something that speaks to me deeply in someway or another. 

The semester during school that I was in New York, I interned for an artist; Austin Thomas. Periodically while I interned for her, she would have me do two different things, one would be to go to the image library, which is the most amazing place in the New York Library, it is a place before google or the internet existed. The Image Library contains tons of folders from any category you can think of with dozens of picture in each one, and you are able to take out these images for weeks at a time, and hang them on the wall until you require new inspirations and images. The second thing would be to go to tons of galleries or new and exciting exhibits around new york. This was amazing to look back on, although at the end of the day I was often exhausted from all the art I saw and of course standing for hours, but it was spectacular to be able to see varieties of art from up and coming artists to the old masters, it's a history class in it's self! 

So as I was thinking of past days in New York filled with inspiration, I decided to go back to some galleries I have become fond of here and view works that are up. In doing this, I forgot that not everything opens here until 11 a.m. ... haha so I didn't see as much as I would of liked too, but these two artists really stuck out! 

These are all part of his "The Jang" series which are all images of his family during 1972 or so. I loved how this were fairly goofy and documenting the regular family issues, from the cats and dogs fighting, to a sibling dressing up and the cat falling in the toilet. His work is currently up at Stephen Wirtz Gallery

Christine Comyn

I first saw a few of her large portrait pieces in March, but I still find her work to be very elegant, fun, and intriguing. Also the human head to me is always so much fun to depict and paint, draw and do it again. 

Here is also a link to her making other previous works... Christine Comyn 

Thanks for viewing happy Thursday!! 

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