Monday, July 8, 2013

Clay, Bisque, Glaze

I had not been to SF Clay works in weeks because of the 4th and since they took one week off between classes! so I yesterday I went and to see what I had fired and how it came out and to glaze what had been bisque fired. It is always like christmas when stuff comes out, although not everything came out wonderful... at school I did all cone 10 firing
 and then I went to Anderson Ranch where I did all low firing which I really 
liked because you are able to get a more precise idea of how a piece might 
turn out... when with cone 10 sometimes it is impossible to know 
how it will come out... still learning! 

Inspired by all the pills I take... it actually had writing on the clay to indicate it was an enzyme... you can see that the letteringmelted slightly with glaze... to much of it! 

The Bunny... I have always wanted a giant rabbit so my dog
 could try and chase it around... I thought that would 
be a funny scene... similar to a cartoon I guess... 

I love big ears, on donkeys,  rabbits,  dogs... they give animals so much 
character and goofiness to their personalities without them having to 
say a word... so here is a butter dish with some character...
 can't wait to see how the glaze comes out! 

I thought this was the best piece that came out of the kiln... 
despite it probably not being how I initially wanted it to 
look, I am very pleases with it's outcome!!

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  1. i love these!!!! you are so right about the big ears and natural goofiness... tily is the perfect example! her ears make me laugh all the time!!!