Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Reality I hope For REALZZ this Time!!

July was a rough month for me, being sick for pretty much all of it which led to not a whole lot of art, blogging or weekend fun. My free time was mostly used up to do treatments, making sure I had taken all my meds and resting. 

However I was able to go home for a week, which was super awesome, 
I got some home cooked meals, soooo delicious (Duhlishous)! 

Nevertheless, I came back here to San Fran to only be hospitalized... I mean I kinda expected it, since if I didn't have my trip planned to go home I probably would have hospitalized my self sooner... since the oral medication I had been on wasn't really doing anything for me. 

So either way the hospitalization would of happened, but now I am feeling better and this time I am hoping to stay healthy for longer... Fingers crossed!! 

On a happier note... 
Today I went to my studio to work on some sketches and to basically use my creative side... since with anything if you don't use it you will loose it! haha, but no for real!! I needed to use my hands and sketch a bit... either over the weekend between watching Outside lands or Monday I will go back to start working on bigger pieces for the open studios we will be having in mid September at Art Explosion! 

Sketch of my Dog Blue who passed away and year and half ago... He was a complete Character

And Tonight I will back to my class at SFClay works!  

Work I got out of the kiln before I left for home and before I was hospitalized...

Buzzfeed inspired Pig

Bunny Ear Butter Dish

Bunny Head! 

Everything these days seems to be a stop... GO... Kind of rhythm, I am hoping
 to eventually get into a rhythm that is more natural where things won't be 
completely interrupted and things will flow naturally. 

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