Monday, August 19, 2013

Disney, Family Guy and Me

I love the expressions animals make, because despite their inability to speak they can say anything with their expression. Also, unlike humans we don't expect them to try and explain themselves.  We actually pay attention to their personal mannerisms and characteristics because it is the only way we learn to understand where they are coming from, since they don't actually speak our language. 

And since I have found this love for animals and their human like expressions my dad told me to look up old disney Cartoons from because they show human characteristics in animals in an amazing and great way! I found a couple examples I would like to share with you, one being a collage of characters walt disney created, from angry Donald Duck to Joyous Mickey they are actually pretty great. It is funny how you can look at them by the eyebrows, eyes and mouth (and ears if they have them) and you will know exactly how the animal or character is feeling.  

Although Disney has always created some great cartoon characters, I have also alway found Brian from Family Guy to be the greatest...  since he is a dog that goes about life, among humans as if he was a human, he dates humans, he votes like a human. However every so often in some of the episodes Family guy wants to remind you he is a dog and I just find it hysterical and awesome! 

Also I have added my recent pieces I have been working on!! 

I am pretty sure the Ranger is the same voice as Smee from Peter Pan... 

Favorite Disney Movie 

Brian is a dog... 

Glazed and ready to be fired

Great Dane with Human Teeth.... work in progress

Crazy Bird Mug

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