Sunday, September 8, 2013

Working Away!

This weekend has really started to feel like the Fall, aka Summer time in San Francisco! It was so exciting that the temperature got all the way to 82 degrees yesterday, that I decided to be inside all day and make art. 

Nevertheless I had fun, and I have lot of work todo for the open studios coming up next weekend! 

Cow that has been glazed

After cone 10 firing 

Besides this cow... I have a glazed the Pig, Bird Cup and I am waiting for those to be fired. I have also put slip onto the Great Dane with human teeth and I have started a Bull Terrier Tea Pot... it is all so exciting and fun, I wish I could be there working all the time!! More Photos to follow!!

This is a sneak peak at what is to come for the open studio... Obviously work will have to get done within the next few days!! I hope everything comes together smoothly, fingers crossed! 

HAPPY SUNDAY and Rest up for the week ahead!! 

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