Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Overview

The open studios that I took part in this past weekend felt like a fun marathon from friday to sunday it was as if I was at orientation for art school because I talked with many other artists at the studio about what they did, and where they were hoping to go with their work. The studio space I have is open to other studios so I have already been able to take glances at other peoples art work, but I am rarely there working during the same hours as others. Therefore, it was great to be able to chat with them about their aspirations with their art and to understand their reasoning behind their work.  I learned there is a good number of us who have been here for just 2-4 months so we were all in the same boat as in this was our first open studios with Art Explosion and in a way it created a great bond, by enjoying some wine together when it got slow or hearing of peoples experience leaving their country for more freedom with art. 

One thing I took note of, was when people would smile or almost give 
out a little giggle while strolling past my work. The smiles and laughs
 were usually referring to the kids with the ice pops piece. 
It means the world to me that I am able to make 
people smile, even just for a little bit. Making people happy 
is a big part of how I feel when I create my work, I smile or 
laugh because that is the emotions I see in the 
pictures or images I create or recreate in my own eyes. 

Blinded by Lungs

However, there is also the more serious issues such as my Cystic Fibrosis, which I touch on a lot in my work, for instance in the piece directly above, "Blinded by Lungs".  This piece is usually looked at with shock and confusion as to what it is all about. I enjoy to almost confuse people by giving images dealing with a serious topic a almost cheery feeling, to make them confused whether to laugh or cry. Since I deal with CF day in and day out I don't like viewing it as shocking or as serious issue. Considering dwelling on it won't make it go away, the easiest way to go is to take it one day at a time and remember to JUST BREATH. 

Main piece, Kids with their Ice Pops

My space 

Few ceramic Pieces (more to come)

A drawing of the Stud, Crosby, in between busy flows of people

A song to start the day off right! 

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