Friday, September 13, 2013

Open Studios

Group wall!! 

This weekend, including tonight is my first open studios at Art Explosion!! It is so exciting, but I am also nervous, seeing as I am not sure really what to expect.... will people actually buy my things even though some things are't even framed... will they want them framed and then I charge more... So many question that will all be answered tonight!! The last time I
 work at an open studios was for this artist I interned for, who was already an extablished artist, so she didn't go into as much detail it her open studio. Her open studio was 
more to show people the work she had up in her studio, which she constantly had items hanging up on a regular basis! 

But anyway, anyone in the Bay area should come to Art Explosions open studios, today from 7-11, as well as on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5!! I hope to see all of you who are here in the area... I have already been peaking around and thus far this is my favorite of someone else's, however it doesn't have a name by it so I will have to find out who this wonderful artist is!! 

Much Love to all Maddie 


  1. MADS. I love the second picture of the individual piece!!!!

  2. Same Kelli, that was my favorite of the other Artists pieces!!